Episode 1: Kellys Island

When Covid-19 hit, Donny decided to hide out on Kelly’s Island to self Isolate. This is where season 2 of Adventures Unknown begins.

Episode 2: Bread and Cheese

Outdoor adventurer, Rene Ritter of Cape Broyle, takes Donny into the interior of Newfoundland and Labrador’s wilderness reserve for some packrafting and mountain climbing.

Episode 3: The Pirates of Burin

Donny travels to the Burin Peninsula. to meet up with the boys of Smugglers Cove and explore the history of the boot of Newfoundland.

Episode 4: Horseback Riding at U Bar Ranch

Donny is invited to Bar U Ranch in Jean de Baie in the heart of the Burin Peninsula, to go horseback riding on Wild beach. But like every ranch, there are lots of chores to be done first.

Episode 5: Exploits Island

The mysterious Exploits Island of Notre Dame Bay is Donny’s next port of call. He explores the once thriving island that is now home to only a handful of people.

Episode 6: Return to Kippens Ridge

Donny gets a DM from Lucas and Malcolm to come back to Kippens Ridge to go on a Moose Hunt.

Episode 7: Great Burin Island

From kiteboarding in the frigid North Atlantic, to dune buggy racing on sandy shores, to dog sledding in -30 temperatures, to Shark Fishing 20 miles offshore; Adventures Unknown will be your guide to amazing excursions around the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Episode 8: Ice Wall Climbing

Ice climbing has be called one of the most dangerous sports around. This, however, doesn’t bother Terry and Chris. They invite Donny to be dangled 300 feet over the North Atlantic.

Episode 9: Lewis Hills

Donny visits the west coast of the island to hang out with Craig, Dion and Andy. The boys take Donny to the highest point on the island. They almost get lost in a fast moving blizzard.

Episode 10: Mountain Biking on Torbay Point

Local mountain bike trail riders bring Donny on a downhill adventure. Hitting some jumps and ending up in the bushes is just par for the course when you ride some of the “jankiest” trails on the Island.

Episode 11: Sea Kayaking

Donny heads to Cape Broyle again to meet Erica Harvey. They explore the rugged coast line by sea kayak. Erica introduces donny to the tasty sea urchin.

Episode 12: Petty Harbour

Petty Harbour, Newfoundland, is where Donny meets up with paddle board enthusiast, Penny Fifield for some local fun. including the famous zip line.