Adventures Unknown is a  fast paced adventure travel tv series hosted by Donny Love that seeks out unusual & exhilarating experiences in unique locations across the world!

Donny Love is on a quest to unplug from the hustle and bustle of his hectic modern city life and find exhilarating adventures in the great outdoors. This fast paced, high octane adventure series seeks out unusual and exhilarating experiences in unique locations that are filled with epic adventures and breath-taking views.

The series  opens with Donny posting a video on his vast social media network in which he asks people for adventure suggestions. He picks his first adventure, and the series begins. Donny regularly posts to his socials during his adventures, and each new adventure comes in the form of an invitation from someone in Donny’s social media network. Adventures Unknown is a social media driven series in which Donny experiences amazing adventures while also using social media to connect with people in real life.

Follow Donny’s journey as he disengages with his busy city life and engages with adventure; building new friendships with spirited people as he takes you on a journey through super cool, off the beaten path, extreme adventures, in amazing locations, filled with colorful characters, and great conversation.